1: Ezekiel Elliott makes a triumphant return to the Cowboys lineup, sending shockwaves through the league.

2: The star running back is determined to finish what he started with unfinished business in Dallas.

3: Elliott's return brings a much-needed boost to the Cowboys' offense, creating excitement among fans.

4: His presence on the field adds a new dynamic to the team, increasing their chances for success.

5: The running back's return is a game-changer for the Cowboys, sparking hope for a strong finish to the season.

6: Fans are thrilled to see Elliott back in action, ready to help lead the team to victory.

7: With unfinished business on his mind, Elliott is focused on making a statement in his return.

8: The Cowboys' offense is revitalized with Elliott's return, setting the stage for an exciting finish.

9: Elliott's comeback is a story of redemption and determination, inspiring his teammates and fans alike.