1: Darius Garland of the Cavs may be on the move as Donovan Mitchell signs contract extension.

2: Trade rumors swirl around Darius Garland as Donovan Mitchell secures future with Jazz.

3: Could Darius Garland be leaving Cavs following Donovan Mitchell's contract news?

4: Donovan Mitchell's extension raises questions about Darius Garland's future in Cleveland.

5: Darius Garland's potential exit from Cavs linked to Donovan Mitchell's contract extension.

6: Donovan Mitchell's deal could impact Darius Garland's future with Cleveland Cavaliers.

7: Trade speculation grows after Donovan Mitchell's contract extension and Darius Garland's uncertain status.

8: Darius Garland's Cavs departure becomes possibility with Donovan Mitchell's new contract.

9: Donovan Mitchell's extension could lead to Darius Garland's exit from Cleveland.