1: Sony Exec confirms Tom Holland will return as Spider-Man for a fourth movie!

2: Exciting details about the upcoming Spider-Man sequel revealed by Sony insider.

3: Fans are eager to see Tom Holland don the Spidey suit once again in SpiderMan 4.

4: Exclusive interview with Sony Exec teases new villains and challenges for Spider-Man.

5: Tom Holland's performance in SpiderMan 4 is said to be his best portrayal yet.

6: Speculations rise as the plot for Spider-Man 4 is kept under wraps by Sony.

7: Excitement builds as fans eagerly await the release date for SpiderMan 4.

8: Sony promises an action-packed and thrilling adventure in the upcoming Spider-Man film.

9: Stay tuned for more updates on Tom Holland's return as Spider-Man in SpiderMan 4!