1: Rodgers returns to London in 2024 for NFL season. Excitement builds as fans anticipate superstar’s arrival.

2: London lights up with anticipation for Rodgers’ return. Superstar quarterback set to lead team to victory.

3: Fans flock to stadium in London to welcome Rodgers. City comes alive with energy and enthusiasm for NFL season.

4: Rodgers embraces London fans with open arms. Superstar’s presence electrifies the crowd at the stadium.

5: Lights, camera, action as Rodgers takes the field. London shines brightly as superstar quarterback leads team to victory.

6: London landmarks illuminated in honor of Rodgers’ return. Excitement reaches a fever pitch as NFL season kicks off.

7: Rodgers dazzles on the field under the bright lights of London. Fans cheer as superstar quarterback dominates the game.

8: London skyline sparkles as Rodgers leads team to victory. Superstar’s return to the city is celebrated with fireworks and cheers.

9: Rodgers’ triumphant return to London lights up NFL season. City embraces superstar quarterback with open arms and adoration.