1: DeAndre Hopkins' trade to Cardinals stuns fans, sparks debate over Texans' decision.

2: Critics question Texans' move to trade elite receiver, leaving QB Deshaun Watson without top target.

3: Hopkins' departure raises concerns about Texans' future, impact on team's offensive firepower.

4: Cardinals boost offense with Hopkins' addition, potentially making them a contender in NFC West.

5: Fans divided over Hopkins trade, some praise Cardinals' bold move while others criticize Texans.

6: Texans under fire for trading Hopkins, leaving Watson with limited options in passing game.

7: Hopkins' impact on Cardinals' offense proves to be a game-changer, elevating team's performance.

8: Texans face backlash for decision to trade away star player, risking team chemistry and success.

9: Debates continue over Hopkins' trade, with fans and analysts questioning Texans' motives and future prospects.