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2: Tom Holland returns Tom Holland is back as Spider-Man in the highly anticipated fourth installment. Brace yourself for epic adventures and jaw-dropping moments.

3: Villains unite Get ready for a showdown as iconic villains join forces to test Spider-Man's abilities like never before in Spider-Man 4.

4: Miles Morales The introduction of Miles Morales promises to bring a new dimension to the Spider-Man universe. Prepare for an electrifying twist.

5: Multiverse madness Prepare to be mind-blown as Spider-Man navigates through different dimensions in a heart-pounding journey in Spider-Man 4.

6: Peter Parker’s struggle Follow Peter Parker's emotional journey as he faces new challenges and discovers the true meaning of being a hero in Spider-Man 4.

7: Love interest revealed Spider-Man's love life takes center stage as a new romantic interest sparks fireworks in the upcoming Spider-Man 4.

8: High-stakes battles Hold on tight as Spider-Man faces off against powerful foes in epic battles that will keep you on the edge of your seat in Spider-Man 4.

9: Epic conclusion Get ready for a thrilling finale as Spider-Man's fate hangs in the balance in the action-packed conclusion of Spider-Man 4.