1: The NBA feud intensifies between Jusuf Nurkic and Draymond Green. Nurkic drops the mic with a sly dig at Green.

2: Clashes on the court escalate as Nurkic calls out Green for needing help to win games.

3: Fans on social media are buzzing about the epic exchange between Nurkic and Green.

4: Nurkic's bold statement has the NBA world divided on who is in the right.

5: Green fires back at Nurkic's accusations, leading to a war of words between the two players.

6: The intensity of the feud between Nurkic and Green reaches new heights with no end in sight.

7: Experts weigh in on the drama unfolding between Nurkic and Green, analyzing every move.

8: Nurkic's mic drop moment leaves fans eagerly anticipating the next chapter in this rivalry.

9: Stay tuned as the NBA feud between Nurkic and Green continues to captivate audiences worldwide.