1: NBA drama escalates as Jusuf Nurkic takes aim at Draymond Green with cryptic "still needs help" comment.

2: Nurkic's shade throws spotlight on ongoing beef with Green, stirring up social media buzz.

3: Fans weigh in on Nurkic's bold move, debating the underlying tensions between the two players.

4: Green responds to Nurkic's jab with cryptic tweet, fueling speculation about their rivalry.

5: Analysts dissect Nurkic and Green's history, shedding light on the roots of their feud.

6: Teammates and coaches weigh in on the Nurkic-Green drama, revealing behind-the-scenes insights.

7: Nurkic's "still needs help" comment sparks memes and jokes across NBA Twitterverse.

8: The NBA Drama escalates as Nurkic and Green's feud continues to dominate headlines.

9: Stay tuned as the Nurkic-Green saga unfolds, promising more twists and turns in the ongoing NBA drama.