1: Kevin Costner's latest project, Horizon, is creating a buzz at Cannes. French Deal partnership confirmed early.

2: Costner's upcoming film grabs attention at pre-Cannes events. French clothing brand, French Deal, on board.

3: Excitement builds for Kevin Costner's new film Horizon. French Deal collaboration announced before Cannes.

4: French fashion label French Deal joins forces with Kevin Costner on Horizon project. Pre-Cannes buzz confirmed.

5: Kevin Costner's Horizon generates excitement at Cannes. French Deal involvement confirmed ahead of schedule.

6: Costner's upcoming film Horizon makes waves in Cannes. French Deal partnership announced before festival begins.

7: French Deal partners with Kevin Costner on anticipated film Horizon. Pre-Cannes agreement generates excitement.

8: Kevin Costner's latest project Horizon stirs up Cannes. French Deal collaboration confirmed early for maximum impact.

9: French fashion brand French Deal teams up with Kevin Costner on Horizon project. Pre-Cannes sensation sets the stage.