1: Kevin Costner's film 'Horizon' sold to France before Cannes premiere, generating excitement.

2: Critics anticipate a buzzworthy Cannes premiere for Kevin Costner's 'Horizon.'

3: French distribution of 'Horizon' ahead of Cannes film festival stirs up excitement.

4: Kevin Costner's latest project 'Horizon' creates buzz before its world premiere at Cannes.

5: Excitement mounts as Kevin Costner's film 'Horizon' gets sold to French market.

6: 'Horizon' by Kevin Costner generates buzz as it heads to Cannes for its world premiere.

7: Kevin Costner's film 'Horizon' receives early praise ahead of Cannes premiere.

8: Anticipation builds for Kevin Costner's film 'Horizon' following French acquisition.

9: France acquires rights to Kevin Costner's film 'Horizon' in time for Cannes premiere.