1: Jusuf Nurkic's no-holds-barred feud with Draymond Green heats up as the Blazers big man takes aim.

2: Nurkic's relentless shots at Green reveal a deep-seated rivalry that shows no signs of calming down.

3: Despite his ferocious attacks, Nurkic still needs help to back up his fiery words against Green.

4: The Blazers' big man shows no mercy in his verbal sparring with the Warriors star, making headlines.

5: Nurkic's intense focus on Green highlights the ongoing tension between the two NBA heavyweights.

6: Green, known for his tough defense, now faces off against Nurkic's aggressive offensive tactics.

7: The feud between Nurkic and Green sparks debate among fans over who will emerge victorious in this clash.

8: As tensions rise, Nurkic's bold statements push the rivalry to new heights, keeping fans on edge.

9: With both players refusing to back down, the Nurkic-Green saga continues to captivate basketball audiences worldwide.