1: "Ezekiel Elliott's Return" Experience the excitement as Ezekiel Elliott returns to the Cowboys lineup for game day drama.

2: "Unfinished Business" Elliott's return brings a new level of determination as the Cowboys focus on unfinished business.

3: "Center Stage" All eyes are on Elliott as he takes center stage in the game day drama against their rivals.

4: "The Return" Fans are thrilled as Elliott makes his long-awaited return to the field for the Cowboys.

5: "Determined" Elliott shows his determination to lead the Cowboys to victory in the midst of game day drama.

6: "The Rivalry" The rivalry heats up as Elliott's return puts the Cowboys back in the spotlight.

7: "Game Day" Get ready for game day drama as Elliott and the Cowboys take on their opponents.

8: "Victory Quest" Elliott's return signals the start of the Cowboys' quest for victory in this intense game day drama.

9: "Final Showdown" Don't miss the final showdown as Elliott and the Cowboys face off in a game day drama like no other.