1: Celtics overpower Cavaliers in epic showdown. Domination at its finest as they secure spot in 3rd Eastern Conference Finals.

2: Kyrie Irving leads Celtics to victory, outshining Cavaliers with stellar performance. Road to Finals becoming clearer for Boston.

3: Jayson Tatum shines as Celtics soar past Cavaliers. Young talent propelling team to Eastern Conference Finals once again.

4: Celtics' defense stifles Cavaliers in crucial matchup. Boston's depth and determination proving too much for Cleveland to handle.

5: Coach Brad Stevens orchestrates Celtics' dominance over Cavaliers. Strategy and skill combine for impressive win in Eastern Conference Semifinals.

6: Marcus Smart's hustle and heart key in Celtics' triumph over Cavaliers. Grit and determination leading Boston to success in playoffs.

7: Al Horford's leadership shines as Celtics outplay Cavaliers. Experience and poise guiding Boston to 3rd Eastern Conference Finals appearance.

8: Celtics make statement with convincing win over Cavaliers. Boston's teamwork and talent on display as they punch ticket to next round.

9: Celtics fans celebrate as team advances to Eastern Conference Finals. Hope and excitement building as Boston's playoff journey continues.