1: Title: Jusuf Nurkic Calls Out Draymond Green Content: Nurkic criticizes Green, highlights need for support.

2: Title: Green Stirs Controversy, Nurkic Claps Back Content: Green's comments spark backlash from Nurkic.

3: Title: Nurkic Demands Respect from Green Content: Nurkic asserts his worth, demands recognition from Green.

4: Title: Green's Comments Fuel Nurkic's Fire Content: Green's words ignite Nurkic's determination.

5: Title: Nurkic Stands Tall Against Green Content: Nurkic confronts Green, stands firm in response.

6: Title: Green Underestimates Nurkic, Faces Backlash Content: Green faces criticism for underestimating Nurkic's abilities.

7: Title: Nurkic Delivers Clapback to Green Content: Nurkic responds to Green's remarks with authority.

8: Title: Green's Words Fail to Deter Nurkic Content: Nurkic remains resolute despite Green's attempts to undermine.

9: Title: Epic Shade: Nurkic Throws Major Heat at Green Content: Nurkic's bold response to Green's comments makes waves in the basketball world.