1 Darius Garland's future uncertain as Donovan Mitchell's contract looms.

2 Will Garland stay with Cavs or move on as Mitchell's decision awaits?

3 The Cavs face tough choices with Garland's potential departure and Mitchell's contract.

4 Garland's fate in doubt amidst uncertainty over Mitchell's next move.

5 Cavs fans worried about Garland's future as Mitchell's decision approaches.

6 Will Garland leave Cavs for greener pastures with Mitchell's contract negotiations ongoing?

7 Garland's Cavs departure a possibility as Mitchell's contract decision hangs in the balance.

8 The future of Garland with Cavs uncertain as Mitchell's contract situation draws closer.

9 Garland's departure from Cavs on the horizon with Donovan Mitchell's contract decision looming.