1: Actor Cole Hauser hints at a possible Yellowstone spinoff with co-star Kelly Reilly. Fans are buzzing with excitement.

2: The dynamic duo from the hit show could potentially star in their own series. Rumors swirl as speculation grows.

3: Hauser teases fans with a cryptic message on social media, alluding to a new project in the works.

4: Reilly's strong female lead character has captured the hearts of viewers. Will she get her own spinoff?

5: Yellowstone fans eagerly await more details on this exciting development. The buzz only continues to grow.

6: Could Cole Hauser and Kelly Reilly's characters have their own adventures outside of the Dutton ranch?

7: The potential spinoff would allow for even more storytelling opportunities in the Yellowstone universe.

8: Hauser and Reilly's on-screen chemistry has been a highlight of the show. Could they carry their own series?

9: Stay tuned as more information is revealed about this highly anticipated Yellowstone spinoff featuring Cole Hauser and Kelly Reilly.