1: Title: Jusuf Nurkic's Epic Clapback Content: Nurkic shuts down Green's trash talk with epic response.

2: Title: Savage Roast by Nurkic Content: Nurkic's brutal comeback leaves Green speechless.

3: Title: Twitter Goes Wild Content: Fans react to Nurkic's iconic clapback on social media.

4: Title: Memes Galore Content: Internet explodes with hilarious memes mocking Green.

5: Title: Nurkic Reigns Supreme Content: Green humbled by Nurkic's epic comeback.

6: Title: The Aftermath Content: Nurkic's savage roast goes viral, dominating headlines.

7: Title: Green's Response Content: Green left embarrassed after Nurkic's brutal takedown.

8: Title: The Ultimate Clapback Content: Nurkic proves he's the king of comebacks with Green roast.

9: Title: Legacy Defined Content: Nurkic's epic clapback cements his place in NBA history.