1: Boston Celtics dominate Cleveland Cavaliers, secure spot in Eastern Conference Finals.

2: Jayson Tatum leads Celtics to victory, outclassing Cavaliers with impressive performance.

3: Celtics' resilience shines as they triumph over Cavaliers, earning spot in Conference Finals.

4: Boston's teamwork and skill prevail over Cavaliers, securing decisive win in playoffs.

5: Celtics showcase strength and determination, outclassing Cavaliers in Eastern Conference Semifinals.

6: Jaylen Brown's stellar performance propels Celtics to victory over Cavaliers in playoffs.

7: Boston Celtics outshine Cleveland Cavaliers, advance to Eastern Conference Finals with style.

8: Marcus Smart's tenacity helps Celtics outclass Cavaliers, securing spot in Conference Finals.

9: Celtics' impressive triumph over Cavaliers cements their position in Eastern Conference Finals.