1: American climber Sasha DiGiulian sends her 50th 5.14 route Hellcat.

2: DiGiulian achieves climbing milestone with 50th ascent of 5.14 route Hellcat.

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4: Hellcat: Sasha DiGiulian's historic 50th ascent of the 5.14 route.

5: Sasha DiGiulian makes history with her 50th climb of 5.14 route Hellcat.

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7: Legendary climber Sasha DiGiulian reaches new heights with 50th 5.14 climb, Hellcat.

8: Hellcat: Sasha DiGiulian's remarkable 50th ascent of a 5.14 route.

9: A milestone for Sasha DiGiulian as she sends her 50th 5.14 route, Hellcat.