1: Action legend Donnie Yen joins John Wick Universe as blind assassin.

2: Donnie Yen's character will bring a new level of intensity to the John Wick series.

3: Fans can't wait to see the epic showdown between John Wick and Donnie Yen.

4: Yen's martial arts skills will undoubtedly elevate the action-packed scenes.

5: Get ready for heart-pounding action as Donnie Yen enters the fray.

6: The addition of Yen to the cast is a game-changer for the franchise.

7: John Wick's world just got even more dangerous with Yen in the mix.

8: Yen's performance as the blind assassin is sure to leave audiences in awe.

9: Donnie Yen's arrival in the John Wick Universe is a must-see event for action movie enthusiasts.