The Rare Bicentennial Quarter: $22K Value + 7 More $1,000+ Gems!

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The Rare Bicentennial Quarter: $22K Value + 7 More $1,000+ Gems!


Every coin collector dreams of stumbling upon a rare coin that’s worth a small fortune. The excitement of finding such treasures in your pocket change is unmatched. Among these potential treasures are rare Bicentennial Quarters worth up to $22,000 and other valuable coins that can fetch over $1,000 each. Let’s dive into the fascinating world of rare coins and discover what makes these particular pieces so valuable.

1. The Rare Bicentennial Quarter:

Historical Significance

Minted in 1976 to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the United States, the Bicentennial Quarter features a unique design with a Colonial drummer on the reverse and the dual date “1776-1976” on the obverse. Millions were produced, but certain rare varieties and errors have become highly sought after by collectors.


A rare version of the Bicentennial Quarter can be worth up to $22,000, particularly those in pristine condition, made of silver, or featuring minting errors.

Key Features to Identify

  • Silver Content: Quarters from special mint sets contain 40% silver.
  • Proof Coins: These coins have a mirror-like finish and sharp details.
  • Error Coins: Look for anomalies like double strikes or misaligned dies.
  • High-Grade Specimens: Perfect or near-perfect coins graded by PCGS or NGC.

2. 1916-D Mercury Dime:

Why It’s Valuable

With a low mintage of only 264,000, the 1916-D Mercury Dime is a rare find. Its value is significantly higher in uncirculated condition.


A high-grade 1916-D Mercury Dime can be worth over $1,000, with pristine examples fetching much more.

3. 1955 Doubled Die Penny:

Why It’s Valuable

This penny features a minting error where the date and inscriptions appear doubled, making it highly collectible.


A 1955 Doubled Die Penny can sell for between $1,000 and $15,000, depending on its condition.

4. 1942/41 Mercury Dime Overdate:

Why It’s Valuable

An overdate error where the 1941 date was over-stamped with 1942 makes this coin a rare and valuable piece.


High-grade specimens can be worth around $25,000.

5. 1970-S Small Date Lincoln Cent:

Why It’s Valuable

The small date version of the 1970-S Lincoln Cent, particularly with a high “7” in the date, is a rare variety.


Depending on the grade, these coins can be worth up to $3,000.

6. 1969-S Doubled Die Penny:

Why It’s Valuable

This coin features significant doubling on the obverse inscriptions, making it a valuable error coin.


A 1969-S Doubled Die Penny can be worth between $10,000 and $50,000.

7. 1983 Copper Penny:

Why It’s Valuable

Most 1983 pennies were made from zinc, but a few were mistakenly struck in copper.


These rare copper pennies can be worth over $15,000 in high grades.

8. 2004-D Extra Leaf Wisconsin State Quarter:

Why It’s Valuable

This quarter has a minting error where an extra leaf appears on the corn stalk, making it a rare and valuable find.


Depending on its condition, this coin can fetch between $300 and $1,500.


The thrill of finding a valuable coin in your pocket change is a dream come true for many collectors. The rare Bicentennial Quarter and these other seven gems are just a few examples of the treasures that might be hiding in plain sight. Keep a keen eye on your change – you might just discover a piece of numismatic history worth thousands of dollars.

Tips for Aspiring Coin Hunters

  1. Educate Yourself: Learn about the key features and errors that make certain coins valuable.
  2. Examine Your Change: Regularly check your pocket change for rare coins.
  3. Invest in Tools: Use magnifying glasses and coin guides to help identify valuable coins.
  4. Join a Community: Engage with other collectors and experts to stay informed and get advice.
  5. Handle Coins Properly: Use gloves and store coins in protective cases to maintain their condition.


1. What is the rare Bicentennial Quarter mentioned in the article?

The rare Bicentennial Quarter is a coin minted in 1976 to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the United States. Certain rare versions and errors of this coin can be worth up to $22,000.

2. How can I identify a valuable Bicentennial Quarter?

Look for key features such as:

  • Silver content (40% silver in special sets)
  • Proof finish (mirror-like and sharp details)
  • Error coins (double strikes, misaligned dies)
  • High-grade specimens (graded by PCGS or NGC)

3. What other valuable coins are mentioned in the article?

The article also highlights the following valuable coins:

  • 1916-D Mercury Dime
  • 1955 Doubled Die Penny
  • 1942/41 Mercury Dime Overdate
  • 1970-S Small Date Lincoln Cent
  • 1969-S Doubled Die Penny
  • 1983 Copper Penny
  • 2004-D Extra Leaf Wisconsin State Quarter

4. How much can these other valuable coins be worth?

The value varies depending on factors such as condition and rarity. However, some of these coins can be worth over $1,000, with certain examples fetching significantly higher prices.

5. Where can I find these valuable coins?

These coins can still be found in circulation, although they are rare. Regularly checking your pocket change and being aware of key features can increase your chances of discovering them.

6. What should I do if I find one of these valuable coins?

If you believe you have found a valuable coin, it’s essential to:

  • Verify its authenticity using guides and experts.
  • Have it professionally graded by a coin grading service.
  • Consult with a coin dealer or numismatic expert to determine its value and potential sale options.

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