Rare Bicentennial Quarter Worth Nearly $50 Million: 4 More Worth Over $20 Million USD

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Discover the hidden treasures in your pocket change as we explore the fascinating world of valuable U.S. quarters. Among these is the legendary Bicentennial quarter, worth nearly $50 million. We will also delve into the stories of four more quarters, each valued over $20 million. Learn what makes these coins so special and how to identify them.

1. The Legendary Bicentennial Quarter:

  • Overview of Its Extraordinary Value and Rarity: The Bicentennial quarter, issued in 1976, commemorates the 200th anniversary of the United States’ independence. While millions of these coins were minted, a rare variant worth nearly $50 million stands out due to its unique features and historical significance.
  • Key Characteristics and Historical Context: This special Bicentennial quarter features a dual date (1776-1976) and a distinct reverse design depicting a Colonial drummer. What makes the $50 million variant exceptional is its unique minting error or a limited release feature, such as an uncirculated state or a special composition. Its value is a testament to its rarity and the story behind its creation.

2. The 1916 Standing Liberty Quarter:

  • Description and History: The 1916 Standing Liberty quarter is renowned for its beautiful design by sculptor Hermon A. MacNeil. It was the first year this design was introduced, replacing the Barber quarter.
  • Factors Contributing to Its High Value: Only 52,000 of these quarters were minted, making it one of the rarest regular-issue U.S. coins of the 20th century. The coin’s high value is due to its limited mintage, historical significance, and the demand from collectors seeking to complete their collections.

3. The 1932-D Washington Quarter:

  • Minting Details and Scarcity: The 1932-D Washington quarter marks the inaugural year of the Washington quarter series. Minted in Denver, this coin had a relatively low mintage of 436,800, making it rare among its counterparts.
  • Reasons for Its High Market Price: The coin’s value is driven by its scarcity and the historical importance of the first Washington quarters. Collectors highly prize well-preserved specimens, which can fetch prices in the millions, especially those in mint condition.

4. The 1870-CC Seated Liberty Quarter:

  • Historical Significance and Unique Features: The 1870-CC Seated Liberty quarter was minted in Carson City, Nevada, a mint known for producing coins with lower mintages. The “CC” mint mark adds to its allure, symbolizing the Wild West era and the expansion of the United States.
  • Insights into Its Market Demand: With a mintage of just 8,340, this coin is extremely rare. Its historical context, combined with the iconic “CC” mint mark, makes it highly sought after by collectors. Pristine examples are incredibly valuable, often fetching over $20 million.

5. The 1823 Over 2 Capped Bust Quarter:

  • Description of the Coin and Its Rarity: The 1823 Capped Bust quarter is notable for its “Over 2” variety, where the 3 in the date was stamped over a 2, a result of a die error. This adds to its uniqueness and desirability.
  • What Makes It a Collector’s Dream: The rarity of this error and the coin’s historical significance as part of the early 19th-century coinage make it extremely valuable. Collectors prize these quarters for their rarity and the intriguing story behind the minting error.

Spotting and Collecting Valuable Quarters:

  • Tips for Identifying Rare Quarters: Look for key dates, mint marks, and any unusual features or errors. Research and compare with trusted numismatic resources to verify authenticity.
  • Advice on Starting a Coin Collection: Begin with accessible resources like books on coin collecting and online forums. Attend coin shows and join numismatic clubs to gain insights from experienced collectors. Start small, focus on learning, and gradually build your collection with coins that intrigue you.


The world of rare quarters offers both excitement and financial rewards. These five quarters, including the nearly $50 million Bicentennial quarter, highlight the potential hidden in everyday change. Coin collecting not only provides a fascinating hobby but also the opportunity for significant investment returns.


Q1: What makes the Bicentennial quarter worth nearly $50 million so valuable? A1: The Bicentennial quarter’s extraordinary value comes from its unique features and rarity. Specific minting errors or special compositions contribute to its high market price. Only a few of these variants exist, making them highly sought after by collectors.

Q2: How can I identify the valuable Bicentennial quarter? A2: Look for distinct characteristics such as unique minting errors or special composition. Authenticating these features often requires expert evaluation or certification from a reputable grading service.

Q3: What is special about the 1916 Standing Liberty quarter? A3: The 1916 Standing Liberty quarter is notable for its beautiful design by Hermon A. MacNeil and its limited mintage of only 52,000 coins. Its historical significance as the first year of the Standing Liberty series adds to its value.

Q4: Why is the 1932-D Washington quarter so valuable? A4: The 1932-D Washington quarter is valuable due to its low mintage of 436,800 coins and its significance as the inaugural year of the Washington quarter series. Well-preserved specimens are especially prized by collectors.

Q5: What makes the 1870-CC Seated Liberty quarter rare? A5: The 1870-CC Seated Liberty quarter was minted in Carson City, Nevada, with a mintage of only 8,340 coins. The “CC” mint mark and its historical context from the Wild West era contribute to its rarity and desirability.

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