Latest Eight Rare Dimes And rare Bicentennial Quarter Worth $72 Million Dollars Each Are Still in Circulation

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Imagine finding a coin in your pocket change that could make you a millionaire. This might sound like a fantasy, but it’s a real possibility with certain rare dimes and a unique Bicentennial quarter still circulating today. Each of these coins is worth an astonishing $72 million. In this article, we explore the latest eight rare dimes and a Bicentennial quarter that could be your hidden treasure, detailing what makes them so valuable and how to identify them.

1. The 1894-S Barber Dime:

  • Background: With only 24 minted, the 1894-S Barber Dime is one of the rarest coins in American history. Only a few remain today, making it extremely valuable.
  • Key Features: Look for the “S” mint mark below the wreath on the reverse side. High-grade coins with minimal wear can fetch millions.

2. The 1916-D Mercury Dime:

  • Historical Significance: As the first year of the Mercury dime series, the 1916-D has a mintage of only 264,000, adding to its scarcity and value.
  • Identification: The “D” mint mark is located near the bottom left of the fasces on the reverse side. Pristine examples are highly coveted.

3. The 1873-CC No Arrows Seated Liberty Dime:

  • Rarity: This dime is extremely rare due to a production error where arrows were omitted on some coins. Only a few exist today.
  • Details: Check for the absence of arrows around the date on the obverse side. Coins in good condition are particularly valuable.

4. The 1796 Draped Bust Dime:

  • Historical Value: One of the earliest dimes minted in the U.S., with a low mintage of 22,135, making it a rare and desirable coin.
  • Identification Tips: Look for the Draped Bust design and the small eagle on the reverse. High-quality specimens are worth millions.

5. The 1919-D Mercury Dime:

  • Rarity: The 1919-D is rare due to its low mintage and the difficulty in finding well-preserved examples.
  • Key Identifiers: The “D” mint mark is near the fasces on the reverse. Coins in mint state condition are especially valuable.

6. The 1871-CC Seated Liberty Dime:

  • Historical Context: Minted in Carson City, these dimes are rare and highly collectible due to their connection to the Old West.
  • What to Look For: The “CC” mint mark on the reverse. High-grade examples are extremely valuable.

7. The 1916-S Barber Dime:

  • Significance: As the final year of the Barber dime series, the 1916-S is rare and valuable.
  • Identification: The “S” mint mark is below the wreath on the reverse. Well-preserved coins are highly sought after.

8. The 1872-CC Seated Liberty Dime:

  • Rarity and Value: Another rare Carson City coin with a low mintage, making it highly desirable among collectors.
  • Identification Tips: Look for the “CC” mint mark. Coins in excellent condition are worth a substantial amount.

9. The Rare Bicentennial Quarter:

  • Overview: Minted in 1976 to celebrate the U.S. Bicentennial, certain quarters have unique errors or were struck in special conditions, making them extremely valuable.
  • Key Features: Look for the dual date “1776-1976” and the Colonial drummer on the reverse. Rare versions include those with minting errors or those in uncirculated conditions.

Tips for Spotting These Treasures:

  • Inspect Your Change: Regularly check your pocket change for old dimes and quarters with key dates and mint marks.
  • Use Proper Tools: A magnifying glass can help you spot fine details and potential errors.
  • Consult Experts: Refer to numismatic guides and consult with professional coin dealers to verify the authenticity and value of your finds.
  • Protect Your Coins: Store valuable coins in protective holders or cases and handle them carefully to maintain their condition.


Finding a rare dime or a valuable Bicentennial quarter worth $72 million could change your life. By staying vigilant and knowledgeable about key dates, mint marks, and unique features, you increase your chances of discovering these hidden treasures. Start checking your change today—you might be holding a piece of history worth millions.


Q1: What makes these rare dimes and the Bicentennial quarter worth $72 million each? A1: These coins are exceptionally rare and sought after by collectors due to their limited mintages, historical significance, and unique features. The combination of scarcity and demand drives their high value.

Q2: How can I identify these rare coins in circulation? A2: Look for key features such as mint marks, dates, and design details. Consult numismatic resources and consider having the coins authenticated by a professional if you believe you have found one.

Q3: Are these valuable coins still found in circulation? A3: While it’s rare, these valuable coins can still be found in circulation. Regularly checking your pocket change and being aware of key identifiers increase the chances of discovering them.

Q4: What should I do if I think I’ve found one of these valuable coins? A4: If you believe you’ve found a valuable coin, have it authenticated and graded by a reputable coin dealer or professional grading service. They can provide an accurate assessment of its value.

Q5: How can I protect valuable coins once found? A5: Store valuable coins in protective holders or cases to prevent damage. Handle them carefully and avoid cleaning them, as this can reduce their value. Keep them in a stable environment away from moisture and extreme temperatures.

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